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This training calendar provides information on workshops that will be offered throughout the NEVIL cluster. The website is updated regularly, so please bookmark this page and revisit it regularly.

Frequently asked questions, and other information that will assist in the completion of registration details, are located below.

Upcoming Events
Date Workshop Location  Duration   Status 
 23-02-18  Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Introduction to Shepparton 1 day Open
 08-03-18  Allied Health Program: Introduction to Mental Health: and Mental Health Act Fitzroy 1 day Open
 14-03-18  ASIST Suicide Intervention Shepparton 2 days Full
 22-03-18  Preceptorship Heidelberg 1 day Open
 12-04-18  Allied Health Program: Mental State Examination; and Formulation Fitzroy 1 day Open
 17-04-18  Mental Health Triage Hawthorn East 1 day Open
 01-05-18  Acquired Brain Injury and Mental Health Doncaster 1 day Open
 10-05-18  Allied Health Program: FaPMI; and Role of Carers in Mental Health Open
 16-05-18  Cultural Diversity: Introduction to Principles and Practices Box Hill 1 day Open
 04-07-18  1 day Open
 04-07-18  Recovery and Diversity: approaches to cultural assessment and personal recovery Shepparton 1 day Open
 14-09-18  Interpreted Encounters: Engaging with Language and Culture in a mental health context Box Hill 1 day Open
Recent Events
Date Workshop Location  Duration   Status 
 29-11-17  Practice-based research for Social Workers: An Introduction Box Hill 1 day    Full
 28-11-17  Ethics in Mental Health Care Box Hill 1 day    Open
 24-11-17  Acceptance and Commitment Therapy Fitzroy 1 day    Open
 23-11-17  OT Clinical Supervision in Mental Health Box Hill 1 day    Open
 21-11-17  ASIST Suicide Intervention Box Hill 2 days    Full



  Frequently Asked Questions

How much does NEVIL training cost?

NEVIL training is completely free to participants who are "within scope" to participate free of charge (see below) - there are no registration fees.  Other costs associated with attendance at training, eg. transport and accommodation (if necessary) are the responsibility of the agency or staff member.

Who is eligible to attend NEVIL training?

The following categories of staff are considered "within scope", that is, eligible to attend NEVIL training free of charge:

Staff employed by the six area mental health services that comprise the NEVIL cluster:

Austin Health,

Eastern Health,


St. Vincent's Health,

Goulburn Valley Health and

Albury Wodonga Health.

Also, staff from associated Mental Health Community Support Services (MHCSS)

Also, staff from Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHOS).

Staff from the Western and Southern clusters may attend NEVIL training events by prior arrangement.

Staff of other agencies, which are not "within scope" as defined above, may attend if there are still vacancies a week prior to training.  There is a nominal fee for such participants, to cover speaker, venue hire and catering costs..

How do I register to attend training?

Registration is necessary to attend NEVIL training. View the list of events on the calendar and click on those of interest.  A new window will appear with a description of the training content and learning objectives.  If you wish to attend, click the "register now" button at the bottom of the window.  Another window will open, requesting your registration information.  It is most important that you include a valid email address.  An automatic email will be sent to that address requesting confirmation, following which you will be sent a map and attendance information relevant to the training activity.  If you don't receive these, you've not provided a correct email address.  Phone enquiries are welcome, but registrations are not accepted on the telephone.

What is my "Agency Code"?

Your agency code is a specific code for all staff of your agency. Please contact either your NEVIL Management Committee representative or the NEVIL Project officer on 9231 3186 if you need help with your agency code.  Agency codes are also printed in the margin of the NEVIL training calendar poster.

When should I register for a training activity?

You should register as early as possible, ideally no later than two weeks prior to an event.  This will help ensure your attendance for popular events and will assist your workplace to manage staffing arrangements most effectively.  It will also reduce the cancellation of workshops due to lack of registrations.

Registrations close 48 hours prior to an activity.