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Single Session Family Consultation


This two-day program introduces participants to a practice model, (Single Session Family Consultation) for engaging, supporting and responding to the needs of families in a mental health setting. It targets new and early career clinicians as well as those clinicians wanting to develop their confidence in working with families


The training aims to enable participants to;


*           Understand the frameworks of single session work and family consultation that underpin the practice model

*           Convene a family meeting including negotiating the participation of the consumer and their family

*           Conduct a purposeful and constructive meeting with families

*           Determine and respond to the needs of families who have a member who is experiencing mental illness

*           Identify a range of strategies for responding to common difficulties that can arise in meeting with families


This program will focus on participants practicing skills both within and outside of the training. Participants will be expected to undertake 'practice tasks' in the period between the two days of the training. The training will be conducted by staff from the Mental Health Program of The Bouverie Centre.


Date Wed 09-May-2012
Location Brunswick
Presenter Brendan O'Hanlon, Bouverie Centre
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9288 3186 or
Note This training is conducted over two days - 9 and 23 May. It is a requirement that you attend both days.
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