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Solution focused brief therapy


All mental health clinicians should be able to utilise aspects of solution focused brief therapy.  This one day workshop will cover:


         Theoretical underpinnings of the solution-focused model

         Contrasting problem-focused with solution-focused methods

         Assumptions made in SFBT

         Techniques of SFBT

o   A different approach to empathy

o   Listening with solution building ears

o   Strengths-based talk

o   The miracle question

o   Exception questions

o   Scaling questions


At the end of this training, participants will:

         Be able to differentiate problem-focused from solution focused approaches

         Have explored through class exercises the aspects of SFBT which fit best with their personal therapeutic style

         Be able to apply the basic techniques of SFBT in their practice


Date Thu 12-April-2012
Location Fitzroy
Presenter Russell Deighton,Clinical Psychologist
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9288 3186 or
This workshop is fully booked. Registrations are now closed