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Allied Health Study Day 3: Introduction to the Psychotherapies


There is a wide range of psychological therapeutic interventions that clinicians in mental health can learn and specialize in.  This seminar will introduce participants to many of them.  Aspects of each therapeutic approach will be addressed, including history and origins, theoretical underpinnings, primary inventors and advocates.  The “how”s and particular nuances of each approach will be emphasised, and video clips will be used to illustrate how each looks in practice.

Psychotherapies that will be addressed include: psycho-analytic/psychodynamic therapy, cognitive therapy, behaviour therapy gestalt therapy, humanistic therapy, client centred therapy, existential therapy; and Mindfulness informed interventions including Dialectic Behaviour Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

Presenters:  John Julian is an experienced mental health social worker, with decades of experience in providing and leading mental health service development and delivery in Victoria.  Dr Greg Coman is a counselling psychologist with many years’ experience in the provision of psychological assistance to a wide range of clients.

Date Thu 09-May-2019
Location Box Hill
Presenter John Julian, LAMPS Cluster and Greg Coman, St Vinvent's
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
Note While workshops within the Allied Health Development program are likely to appeal and be relevant to other disciplines, they assume a level of knowledge acquired through an allied health academic qualification, and are targeted at allied health personnel. Staff who are not allied health qualified should not attend.