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Allied Health Study Day 4: Dual Diagnosis


The aim of this blended-format dual diagnosis training is to assist participants to gain foundation knowledge necessary to begin the process of achieving a basic dual diagnosis capability.

This training involves both online and face to face components. Participants will be given 4-6 weeks to complete three 20-minute online modules, followed by a one-day face to face session. At the end of this blended-format training the participant should be able to:

  1. Describe the various legislative and philosophical frameworks that apply  when working with Dual Diagnosis clients;
  2. Describe the six Stages of Change;
  3. Assess the client for the Stage of Change and apply appropriate interventions;
  4. Use appropriate screening tool;
  5. Negotiate appropriate interventions with clients and significant others, including referral pathways;
  6. Develop relapse prevention plans with clients with a Dual Diagnosis.
Date Thu 13-June-2019
Location Fitzroy
Presenter Kevan Myers, Nexus
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 92313186 or