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Allied Health Study Day 4: Dual Diagnosis


The aim of this blended-format dual diagnosis training is to assist participants to gain foundation knowledge necessary to begin the process of achieving a basic dual diagnosis capability.

This training involves both online and face to face components. Participants will be given 4-6 weeks to complete three 20-minute online modules, followed by a one-day face to face session. At the end of this blended-format training the participant should be able to:

  1. Describe the various legislative and philosophical frameworks that apply  when working with Dual Diagnosis clients;
  2. Describe the six Stages of Change;
  3. Assess the client for the Stage of Change and apply appropriate interventions;
  4. Use appropriate screening tool;
  5. Negotiate appropriate interventions with clients and significant others, including referral pathways;
  6. Develop relapse prevention plans with clients with a Dual Diagnosis.
Date Thu 13-June-2019
Location Box Hill
Presenter Kevan Myers, Nexus
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 92313186 or
Note While workshops within the Allied Health Development program are likely to appeal and be relevant to other disciplines, they assume a level of knowledge acquired through an allied health academic qualification, and are targeted at allied health personnel. Staff who are not allied health qualified should not attend.
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