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Allied Health Program Day 5 - Supported Decision Making & Carers in Mental Health


Supported Decision Making (9.30 am – 12.30 pm)

This module will help the clinician in building their existing knowledge and skills to promote consistent best practice in supported decision making. The workshop introduces the Supported Decision Making Practice Framework and discusses in detail the various elements of the framework. It gives attendees the opportunity to experiment with the tools and support a consumer with developing their own in a recovery milieu.

It is expected that at the conclusion of this workshop, participants will have:

·         A basic understanding of the key concepts, principles and strategies related to supported decision making.

·         Confidence to begin to apply this knowledge in daily work

·         ability to identify challenges and strategies to maximize opportunities for people with a mental health illness to make decisions in all aspects of their lives; and

·         Better understanding of issues relating to decision making, including factors that may affect a person’s ability to make decisions and tools that might assist.

Carers in mental health care (1.30 pm – 4.30 pm)

This session will discuss the vital importance of carers in the care of people with a mental illness. Participants will achieve the following outcome:

Understand why it is important for consumers that families and carers be included and involved at every stage.

Understand how to listen to families & how to inform and educate families

Important tools and resources to help families learn to understand and manage behaviours associated with mental illness

Learn how to support carers

MHPOD modules to be completed prior: Carer Participation

                                                            Carer Advocacy

Date Thu 11-July-2019
Location Box Hill
Presenter Ellisa Scott, IMHA, and Tandem Carers
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
Note While workshops within the Allied Health Development program are likely to appeal and be relevant to other disciplines, they assume a level of knowledge acquired through an allied health academic qualification, and are targeted at allied health personnel. Staff who are not allied health qualified should not attend.
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