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Leadership Fundamentals


This one day course is for team leaders/managers to gain an understanding of their leadership style and behaviours, in order to effectively supervise others effectively. It takes participants through providing practical solutions to managing and leading people in a workplace.

The workshop will address the following areas:

Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders

What is leadership?      Seven habits of highly effective leaders

Understand your leadership style, and its impact on staff.

Goal Setting and Planning

Objective setting process   SMART goal setting   Team goals setting process

Managing Change

William Bridges –Model of Change      Natural stages of change

Steps to leading people through change

Giving and Receiving Feedback

Creating a supportive work environment Guidelines for receiving and giving feedback

Providing positive and constructive feedback.


What is delegation?    Benefits of delegation     Steps to delegating effectively

Devising a work delegation plan

At the conclusion of this workshop, participants will be better able to:

·       Understand the role and expectations of leaders

·       Recognise your own leadership style and its effectiveness

·       Mange and lead people through change

·       Implement clear and achievable objectives to achieve goals

·       Utilise effective communication strategies to lead constructive teams

·       Deliver constructive feedback to enhance performance

·       Understand the application of delegation

Date Tue 16-July-2019
Location Kew
Presenter Christina Katopis, Learn4Results
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
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