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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy - Intro to


Cognitive and Behavioural Therapy (CBT) comprises a range of cognitive and/or behavioural interventions that have often proven to be the psychological treatment of choice for a wide range of mental health issues.  It focusses on changing maladaptive forms of thinking and/or behaviour.   This highly practical and interactive workshop will teach participants skills they can use immediately with clients.

The morning of the workshop addresses cognitive therapy, beginning with a description of the basics of CBT, the ABC model.  It then progresses to describe in detail treatment interventions, including disputation, behavioural experiments and cognitive restructuring.  The afternoon focusses on behavioural interventions, including systematic desensitation, replacement behaviour and behaviour modification approaches and techniques.  Each technique provides participants with the opportunity for application to a client (or personal) issue.  Importantly, the workshop will provide a flow chart which disentangles cognitive from behavioural interventions and teaches participants when to use each intervention.

This workshop is aimed at clinicians with little or no previous knowledge of CBT, or those who wish to refresh their knowledge and skills.

What previous mental health practitioners have said about this workshop:

Thank you.  Found this training practical and helpful for my practice

Exercises were transferrable to the work environment

I’ll now have more challenging conversations with clients

Good training strategy to refer to specific clients throughout the whole day

Clear, practical, great examples – has piqued my interest

The trainer was really detailed and able to answer all questions asked

The trainer was very experienced and approachable

Presenter:  Dr Greg Coman is a Counselling Psychologist who uses CBT regularly in his clinical practice.  He has a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment, is a highly experienced trainer in the mental health field and has successfully delivered this training over the last 4 years.

Date Fri 06-September-2019
Location Shepparton
Presenter Dr Greg Coman, NEVIL cluster
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
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