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Group Work - Getting Groups off the Ground


This workshop is particularly useful for those new to group work. The facilitators are clinical group work specialists with a range of experiences of working with both young people and adults with mental ill-health, in community and inpatient settings. They will present the value of group interventions in mental health settings, with an emphasis of engaging and working with young people (15-30 years) with mental ill-health. The presentation will provide both didactic and experiential components including small group discussions, and participation in activities. The facilitators will encourage participants to ask questions pertaining to their interests and specific areas of work.

The workshop will include an introduction to and rationale behind warm up activities, group leadership skills, engaging clients, goal setting and developing a group module description. Group modules consider the needs of the group participants, develop group aims and set measurable objectives to evaluate the group program.

At the end of the day participants will have an increased understanding of the role and value of group work. They will also have an increased understanding of engaging clients in group sessions and have had practice in developing a group module description for their individual work settings.

Date Tue 07-May-2019
Location Hawthorn East
Presenter Gina Woodhead, Forensicare
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or