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Building Psychological Resilience


Resilience is an often mis-understood concept.  This workshop will provide participants with a thorough understanding of what psychological resilience is and how to further develop it.  Participants are likely to intuitively know many of the factors that comprise psychological resilience and this workshop will deepen understanding of these factors by explaining the rationale behind each and provide practical exercises to build resilience.

Components of psychological resilience that will be discussed include physical health and lifestyle, acceptance of difference, acceptance of change, perseverance, optimism, resourcefulness, personal connections, and self-care.

Be advised that building resilience requires taking oneself outside one’s comfort zone.  Participants will be asked to do things that are likely to place themselves in varying states of psychological discomfort.  Please do not attend the workshop unless you are prepared and willing to participate in non-physical activities that will extend yourself beyond your comfort zone and be psychologically uncomfortable.  If you are, your resilience will increase as a result.

Date Thu 28-March-2019
Location Fitzroy
Presenter Dr Greg Coman, NEVIL cluster
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
Note This training is only for non-clinical staff, including peer workers, consumer and carer consultants, admin staff etc. There is separate SafeTalk training on suicide in the morning of the same day in the same venue if participants also wish to attend. Attendance requires separate registration. A separate training day will be offered for clinical staff.