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Victorian Mental Health Nurses Clinical Supervision Consultation Session


In May 2018 the Chief Mental Health Nurse launched ‘Clinical supervision for mental health nurses: a framework for Victoria’. The framework builds on the previous and existing significant experience and expertise of Victorian MHNs in CS, and an extensive literature review. The first step in implementing the framework in Victoria is the consultation phase, with facilitation of this process by Clinical Supervision Consultancy.  An initial workshop with Tier 1 (RN6 & RN7) was conducted on 30 July 2018, with a series of subsequent Tier 1 meetings focusing on CS.  A second level of consultation was planned following feedback from Tier 1. 


The purpose of the second level of consultation workshops is to gain a greater understanding of factors supporting or inhibiting implementation of CS at the ‘grass-roots’ level and to gather creative ideas to promote sustainability.

Who should Attend?

  • Nominated participants require a strong interest and passion for CS (as defined in ‘Clinical supervision for mental health nurses: a framework for Victoria’)
  • Level 4 & Level 5 RNs, NUMs and other identified CS ‘champions’ from other position levels
  • a range of experience levels/ages and positions should be represented from each AMHS
  • Number of participants for each workshop will be dependent on the size of the venue; maximum: 80 participants/workshop

Pre-workshop preparation:

  • Required reading: ‘Clinical supervision for mental health nurses: a framework for Victoria’
  • An awareness of CS implementation barriers, enablers and creative ideas in the participant’s area of work/AMHS to enable contribution to the workshop discussion

Workshop Outline:

  • Welcome, introductions & purpose
  • Large group – presentation re: CS, framework overview and discussion (including outcomes of the Tier 1 consultation)
  • Smaller groups – consultation about implementation & sustainability; creative ideas
  • Feedback of small group discussion to the main group
  • Outcomes/recommendations of next steps; Close
Date Tue 30-April-2019
Location Heidelberg
Presenter Clinical Supervision Consultancy
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
Note This consultation session is for Level 4 & Level 5 RNs,NUMs and other identified CS ‘champions’ from other position levels