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Acceptance and Commitment Therapy


This workshop will be an overview of the theoretical underpinnings of ACT (relational frame theory, mindfulness and consciousness research), the principles of practice, and the intervention methods derived from those principles.

The content will include:

·         The ACT model of psychological flexibility

·         Mindfulness practice

·         The role of experiential avoidance

·         Identifying values as chosen directions in life as well as in aspects of suffering

·         “clean discomfort” vs. “dirty discomfort”

·         ACT-based interventions

·         The therapeutic relationship in ACT

The workshop will be delivered using the following methods:

·         Presentation of theory by the facilitator

·         Small group work, including practicing intervention methods and self-experiential exercises

·         Eyes-closed experiential exercises (e.g. mindfulness)

·         Video of ACT practice

·         Large group discussion

Date Fri 18-October-2019
Location Hawthorn East
Presenter Dr Russell Deighton, Clinical Psychologist
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
This workshop is fully booked. Registrations are now closed