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Attachment Theory and Affect Regulation


This day program is a mix of highly engaging presentation with a variety of multi-media added to enrich and demonstrate content. There are opportunities for pair reflection, group work activity on attachment and affect regulation and discussion furthering participants understanding of consumers’ choices around relationships. In addition there is an opportunity to practice skills in working with people who are disorganised with respect to attachment secondary to complex trauma. The content is described below.

Neuroplasticity shows us that our subjective experience shapes our brains in ways that help us adapt to our early environment. This course weaves Bowlby’s Attachment Theory and patterns of attachment, together with Schore’s Affect Regulation Theory showing how biological mechanisms of neuroplasticity are foundational to these complementary theories. Many consumers have a background of complex trauma and disrupted attachment and struggle to regulate their emotions as a result, often turning to addictions or other compulsive self-harming behaviours. This course helps practitioners understand the origins of these difficulties, and how to work compassionately with them, offering both psycho-education and new experiences of emotional regulation.

At the completion of this training, participants will learn:

  1. That experience in the world shapes the biological structure and function of our brains
  2. How experiences shape attachment patterns (including transgenerationally) and how complex trauma disorganises the search for a safe way to attach
  3. That our experience of attachment organises how we regulate our affect
  4. How to work effectively with clients who have attachment trauma and struggle to regulate their emotions

Haley Peckham PhD is a consumer as well as a neuroscientist and mental health nurse. She speaks from all three perspectives when she delivers her training, which participants comment as being of value and interest to them.

Date Thu 23-May-2019
Location Hawthorn East
Presenter Dr Haley Peckham
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or