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Social Work Training - repeat of Day 1


The NEVIL Cluster is pleased to offer Mental Health Social Work specific training days for all social workers across the NEVIL cluster.  The first day, Day 1, will be conducted in Box Hill on Friday 4 October 2019.  This is a repeat of the training conducted on 5 June.  If you have already completed Day 1 on 5 June, please un-register from 4 October training.  Day 2, which will be for all participants from both iterations of Day 1, will be conducted on Wednesday 30 October.  If you have not already done so, please register for this training.  These training days provide a great opportunity not only for training specifically targeted for social workers, but also for workers across the cluster to share ideas and experiences.




The content for this training has been determined through consultation between senior social workers across the six services that comprise the NEVIL cluster.


This training aims to assist Social Workers to re-examine their values and ethics and to explore their motivation to work in the clinical mental health field. The target group is Grade 2 & 3 Social Workers who are gaining experience and maturity, but who experience tensions operating within a medical model administering the MH Act.


 The individual challenge is to integrate the principles of Social Work training into prescribed work, and to weave integrity, compassion and collaboration into all facets of Social Work practice.  Experiential and interactive workshop sessions will offer opportunities to examine different aspects of the clinical and surrounding systems, and to reflect on the Social Work role.


Bringing the principles of social justice to life in day to day practice with a Human Rights overlay will be explored. Training will focus on asserting the social work voice and whether there is a role for social workers as conscientious disruptors to ensure fair, improved outcomes for consumers.

Presenters Aroon Naidoo, Chris Maylea and Mark Megalla will deliver sessions to address specific aspects of social work practice.

Learning Objectives:- 

(i)               Participants will identify tensions within the system and how to develop strategic alliances to assert a social work agenda to improve consumer outcomes.

(ii)              Participants will gain greater understanding of the importance of language in developing therapeutic alliances

(iii)             Participants will examine the Mental Health Act in the context of Supportive Decision Making & Human Rights

(iv)            Participants will explore engaging consumers in a collaborative recovery approach to risk

(v)            Participants will have the opportunity to further develop this work through the creation of a social work community of practice as an important ongoing support network.

Date Fri 04-October-2019
Location Box Hill
Presenter Aroon Naidoo, Chief Social Worker, North Western Area MHS
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
Note While it may be of interest to others, this training is specifically and only for NEVIL social workers. It is a repeat of the training on 5 June. Do not register for this training if you attended 5 June.