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Psychologist Training Day: Working with People with Dual Disabilities in Mental Health: challenges of ID and Personality Disorder


This one-day interactive professional development session is specifically for psychologists across the NEVIL cluster.  It will look at the issues for psychologists working therapeutically with clients who have developmental disability (ASD/ID) and features of personality disorder.  Theoretical sessions will be followed by a workshop and discussion of complex de-identified cases.

The following will be addressed: the clinical features and the key principles of working with a person with these diagnoses; the clinical application of these principles; issues of risk; and the development of a relevant management plan.

At the completion of this workshop, participants will:

·         Increase understanding of how to work therapeutically with people who have developmental disability and features of personality disorder.

·         Understand risk issues and management of risk in this population

·         Increase confidence in the development of a behaviour support plan to assist with the management of these risks.

Date Fri 15-November-2019
Location Box Hill
Presenter Dr Angela Livingstone, Consultant Psychiatrist, VDDS
Contact Dr Greg Coman on 9231 3186 or
Note This is a discipline specific training day. While likely to appeal and be useful to all disciplines, this training day is specifically and only for Psychologists.
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