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Mental Health Clinical Supervision- Day 2- METRO


The NEVIL mental health education and training cluster, in conjunction with staff from Eastern Health and St Vincent’s mental health services, is pleased to offer a two day Clinical Supervision Workshop. The workshop days are presented two weeks apart to support integration of knowledge and reflection about the clinical supervision process.

Day 1: This workshop is designed to aid participants in their use of reflection within Clinical Supervision. The focus of the workshop will be to explore the concepts of responsibility, our core qualities, personal values and the ‘drivers’ that influence our ways of relating. The workshop will provide ‘space’ for individual reflection, small group work (triads), and large group interaction. Definitions of clinical supervision will be explored along with its purpose, policy, provision and agreements. Participants may be given an opportunity to have a ‘live’ experience of clinical supervision through demonstration and/or practice with other participants.  The workshop is likely to be of most interest to Nurses that are newly engaged in clinical supervision and others thinking of seeking or wanting more from their clinical supervision.

At the end of this training participants will:

  • Have a clearer understanding of the purpose and structure of clinical supervision
  • Understand the components of a supervision agreement;
  • Be able to articulate the responsibilities of a supervisee;
  • Have reflected on some of the ethical dimensions of clinical supervision; and
  • Have reflected on their own values, core qualities and drivers in supervision.

Day 2

This workshop is particularly designed to help mental health nurses reflect on their readiness and capabilities in the provision of Clinical Supervision to their colleagues.The workshop will briefly define and differentiate clinical supervision from other professional workplace/learning/development relationships and briefly explore a range of supervision models. There will be an opportunity for live work either in triads or with the facilitators to gain direct feedback and/or to reflect on your work as a Clinical Supervisor. The workshop will be a blend of formal teaching and experiential learning and will assist participants to identify their own style in supervision. The workshop is likely to be of most interest to mental health nurses that are already providing clinical supervision or those that are considering offering supervision.


At the end of this training, participants will

  1. have briefly considered a range of supervision models
  2. have reflected on the importance of the first meeting and the negotiation of Agreements
  3. have reflected on their own model preferences as a supervisor and supervisee
  4. have considered a range of strategies that facilitate reflective practices in supervisees
  5. have critically discussed their own style as a Clinical Supervisor
Date Wed 04-March-2020
Location Kew
Presenter John Forster SVHA & Maggie McIntosh Eastern Health
Contact Vikki Laidlaw 03 92313269 or
Note Please note you must attend both Day 1 & Day 2 to complete the course and gain your certificate of attendance/CPD Hours.