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Mental Health Preceptorship- RURAL


A preceptor is an experienced clinician who provides support and guidance to students (preceptees) during clinical placement. Preceptors may also provide transitional support to new graduates and staff members within their health care agency.   Becoming and being a good preceptor requires special skills that will be covered in this workshop.


At the end of this workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the role of the preceptor
  • Develop and practice preceptor skills
  • Understand adult learning principles
  • Understand the application of preceptorship in mental health
  • Gain an understanding of the AMNC Competencies and how they relate to mental health, and how to engage a Preceptee in assessment, evaluation and feedback via the AMNC Competencies and how to relate the AMNC competencies to all novice nurses
Date Mon 09-March-2020
Location Shepparton
Presenter Jenny Wilkinson GVHealth & Melissa Metcalf GV Health
Contact Vikki Laidlaw on 9231 3269 or